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It is not a cakewalk to be an entrepreneur and manage the activities of the organization putting forward the vision. One may have become an entrepreneur through legacy or working hard and being successful in putting the ideas and dreams together to build an empire. Although the outcome of all the hard work brings satisfaction in the mind and boosts up the emotions, it takes a toll on one’s health as working under constant pressure to succeed or supersede the predecessors.

All through your journey sitting on the hot seat as an entrepreneur, many challenges, brainstorming and the highs and lows of business will be faced, and one has to meet these challenges and overcome them. It is not always the graph of success that an entrepreneur works for and brainstorms now and then, but as you become an entrepreneur, the responsibility of your employee’s benefits lies on your shoulder.

An entrepreneur often overworks burning the midnight oil under-caring their health and family and friends, and in the long run, it diminishes the physical as well as emotional capabilities of an individual further restricting the vision of taking forward the organization and shattering the dreams of many associated with it.  So what does one need to do? Sit idle depending on the bottom line and only check the revenue graphs at the end of each quarter? Well, then it is better to be an investment banker than an entrepreneur.

The thumb rules to stay fit

Being an entrepreneur racing against the clock to make the success graph look like Manhattan skyline may ultimately get you there, and you may set the moon as the next target as desires of success is unlimited, but in the long term, it damages your mental as well as physical health.

You can develop bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking or even withdraw from the social life out of your sphere of work that you enjoyed before, and the never-ending tension of business can lead to serious health implications like ulcer, depression, and the rise in blood pressure and blood sugar level and heart ailments.

Unless you stay healthy, the very purpose of being a successful entrepreneur fails without considering the efforts, sacrifice and struggle you may have made to bring smiles to many faces.  Therefore, change in lifestyle goes a long way to promote and restore one’s health. There are many ways to cope with the tensions of life being an entrepreneur and stay healthy. It is better to practice these five tips, or you may say tricks to say fit as a fiddle being an entrepreneur not only physically but also mentally.

  • Manage your schedule for some exercise

We all know, physical activities are always beneficial than being a couch potato. Take out some time for yourself from your busy schedule preferably at the start of the day and do some exercise. It reduces the stress level, manages the body weight and unnecessary bulges and helps to have a good night sleep. Well, it may be difficult to make out time to hit the treadmill at the gym or play basketball or tennis in your backyard, but there are multiple ways to have some physical activity throughout the day if not at the start.

You can walk to places where you need not to drive, or park your car at a distance from your office and walk that mile or have an Elliptical Machine installed in your Home or the gym or walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Ultimately you move up with your dreams, and it takes no such time to climb a few steps physically. The progress of the organization depends on your vision carried out by the able managers but your health is your baggage, nobody can push it through except you.

  • Change the food habits

Being a busy entrepreneur, you might be having all your time for work but no time at all to eat a healthy diet. One often munches the snacks, sips the tea or coffee and drinks the colas in between the work that works as a hunger-filler. Well, it is not always possible to bring home cooked foods to work and its still not judicious to order food from the restaurant considering the expenses involved. So the outcome is to have the junk foods that are ready-made along with the drinks. Avoid them.

Cut down the consumption of the fried rice, noodles, potato chips, and sugar-sweetened beverages and start eating the fruits. Of course, eating little snacks occasionally is not that bad, but eating fruits are always good for health. Have the fruit juices replacing the colas and the coffees. Increase in caffeine level in the blood increases the excitement and ultimately disturbs the sleep when you cocoon in your bed at the end of the day. Eating fruits and drinking lots of water between works will keep your health good.

  • Delegate the work

It is the nature of most  business owners, big or small to interfere in every aspect thinking they need to do all and everything for their organization. You should learn the art and the tricks to delegate work amongst people in your organizational chain and trust their ability.

Trust your employees, give them the ample time to do the job. Everything is not rocket science that needs to be done immediately.  If you think of every small thing about your organization, then you will be taking unnecessary stress and tension, damaging your mood and ultimately your health. Trust your employee’s ability, train them to build their capacity and delegate the work to them.

  • Pay attention to your social life

Do you remember the last time you went to the beach? When was the last time you enjoyed cycling with your near and dear ones in some odd place or have spent quality time with the family?

The answer would be a big shrug. It is time that you change and streamline your work schedule to spend some quality time with your family and friends switching off the thoughts of the business. Never bring your office to your home. Don’t be the remote control of your organization but control it remotely with ease.

  • Sleep well

One of the biggest challenges of the entrepreneurs is to have a good sleep pattern. They even go to sleep thinking about the business of the next day. Try to switch off your organizational thoughts at least in your bedroom and have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Do not forget that these eight hours is precious to run the show for the next 16 hours the following day. Sleep well to stay healthy.

It may feel that these suggestions are impossible for you to maintain, but did you ever think that your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur would turn into reality? Well, if your efforts and willpower gave you that leap in your professional life, then do not hesitate that a little effort to follow the above tips to stay healthy is impossible to achieve. Your health is your responsibility so I encourage you today to take charge of it.



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