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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin

The Ghanaian dream which we have been taught right from infancy has worked tremendously well in the past but has struggled for the past decade (at least) with so much frustrations and concerns. Times have indeed changed which means there should be a rethink about this whole system. This system is expressed in the image below:

This system has served the Ghanaian so well in the past and even now its not completely ineffective. Study hard, get good grades, get into a great college, get a job and make good money as you progress in your career has been what almost every Ghanaian home has taught her children. As explained earlier, this has work perfectly well in the past due to the fact that not so many people were keen about education during those times and as the saying goes the fewer the merrier.

Competition is rife now with so many parents paying particular attention to education and ensuring their children receive the best education possible. There are several students now in public and private universities in the nation paying huge sums of money to pursue various courses on offer in the universities. But these days after school what next? Per the system, the next thing is to get a job which you can bear with me its a real struggle.

One may even wonder considering the struggles in finding a job these days as a newbie(graduate), is it really important to even pursue tertiary education? I strongly believe yes and this is why. We don’t only go to school because we want to get money after school through acquiring a job but we learn so much more than that-we learn to live and interact people with people which helps us to fit in society. Living with room mates, having group assignments and discussions all shape our social life which is very important.

The vast knowledge gained not only from the course we pursue but from other areas of study is something that can’t be underestimated. The ‘crazy’ memories associated with life on campus certainly shape our thoughts and our lives. With all this, pursuing tertiary education can certainly not be missed but there is a big question here- Does attending school(tertiary education for that matter) guarantee financial independence?

Certainly NO as quite a number of people who have made it in our country probably didn’t have formal education or didn’t climb high in the academic ladder. People are barely making ends meet in their job roles in the public or private sector. Graduate unemployment keeps increasing every year. It looks like we didn’t really prepare for this change. Training lots of students without having a clear plan as to where to integrate them in the job sector has been the core of our issues. Companies laying people off every now and then because they need to balance the books and some entrepreneurs taking advantage of the unemployment situation in the country to pay workers peanuts whist demanding them to deliver at an optimum level.

The issues can keep going on and on but the most important thing is there has to be a solution. A critical look at the system shows it is failing us now and some changes are required. That change starts right from our minds which is we should be encouraged to be creators or innovators right from childhood. We should learn to create businesses for others to be employed. Obviously, we all can’t be entrepreneurs but the more we have the better for the nation. Just as our minds restrict us, our education system even makes it worse. Its as if our education has been tailor made to set us up for the job market without the practical skills and knowledge for us to start something on our own after school.

I acknowledge all these issues but my interest lies in the solutions we can come up with to make life better for ourselves. It is encouraging to see startups emerging in our country nowadays with majority been graduates. It’s clear some are thinking outside the box or the system to make things happen for them. This is what I seek to teach and educate students, graduates and even workers on. There is another way of earning potentially good money using nothing but the skills, knowledge and experience you possess.

Good health and financial independence is what this blog has been seeking right from day one (check About) and we have managed to find a proven way for the Ghanaian student, graduate and worker to achieve financial independence with technology at the centre of it all. Modern technology has made it easy these days for businesses to be effective, efficient and more profitable. Leveraging technology in your business these days is a must and we have developed a programme that creates the right blend of modern technology and traditional way of doing businesss at a very affordable rate.

Even when you are on a very tight budget, the knowledge you will gain from this programme should set you on the path to financial freedom when you commit to it 100% and you are passionate about turning your life around. The Ghanaian person has the skills, ideas, knowledge and experience in abundance but lacks the right guidance to set up a solid business and progress steadily. Our mentality obviously plays a big part since we are not naturally trained to become entrepreneurs so even before we start, doubts creep in which contributes to our failure. Our newly found proven system helps to establish the right mentality to succeed in business and make impact on the lives of people.

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On a final note, to become an entrepreneur comes with a risk but one that offers huge reward. The upcoming programme coupled with our partnership with renowned entrepreneurs offer the perfect platform for young entrepreneurs to develop and thrive in the business world in the face of challenges. HEALTH AND LIVING-we make you believe in yourself and your dreams.





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