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It’s befitting to talk up the rise to prominence and some real struggles of the ever hardworking twins on such a special occasion-their birthday. A lot has been written about these guys in the last 12 months and this piece is quite different from the rest in many aspects. This piece about the twins is special in the sense that it goes much deeper about their lives in the past, present and their hopes for the future. If you are wondering, the writer of this piece grew with these guys right from childhood, lived with them and schooled with them right from creche to senior high level.

As they have reiterated in several interviews, Twinsdntbeg emerged from humble beginnings-their late father was a driver and their mother used to operate a small grocery store at Bomso gate in Kumasi. I remember in high school I experienced their relentlessness to get what they want. It was high school and it was all about sneakers and clothing, having little money in their pocket never discouraged these guys as they hustled to buy themselves sneakers and clothing. I’m not at all surprised they are making it now as these guys are real hustlers who will go at any length (through fair means) to get whatever they want.

At KNUST, my friends were all over campus from pushing events to flourish, to organizing events that sometimes flopped and getting cheated by people they helped to succeed. Their passion was top notch though their reward never matched it. It is no wonder these guys wrote on Facebook some time last year that “Passion is moving from one failure to another without being discouraged”. These guys have failed a lot in their lives but the fire of passion burning inside of them could never be quenched by a lake of failure. Their first reward came when The Vice Chancellor of KNUST recognised them as they were winners of the Popularity with Purpose award.

A further delve into their struggles; I believe you may have heard about their unsuccessful music career. We actually started a group called ‘Trudybanks’ when we were just about finishing high school. I used to write the songs as I’m not that blessed with a good voice. Along the way, I dropped off as they pursued their music career in Tema. A couple of songs were recorded notable amongst them was the collaboration with Dr-Cryme. Things were not easy at all for them as they spent several resources to make their dream of becoming musicians come true. The killer blow came when they approached a music producer who rubbished their music talent by telling them straight in the face that “when you sing in the bathroom and it sounds good in your ears it doesn’t mean you are a good musician”. As damaging as this comment seemed, it didn’t break them but rather sparred them on to work even harder as their name suggests Twinsdntbeg-we prefer to work hard rather than be begging people for opportunities to express our talent.

Twinsdntbeg in a photoshoot with Jackie Appiah. Photo credit: Swagofafrica

At this point, my friends were stationed in Accra and they hardly visited their beloved Kumasi. Life in the capital as we all know is never easy especially when you don’t have a good source of income. They were mere national service personnel who rented a single room self contain apartment in Tantra Hills. I was in the health industry and I got a job in Accra and these guys were so generous to accommodate their brother in that small apartment. Things were still not that easy as I could see myself but gradually my friends were making progress each day.

There is this thing that makes people admire them which is quite hard to explain but I believe its their humility. These guys are very humble always recognising their roots and having this sense of humour. I got concerned as the struggles kept coming when they were done with national service and obviously no job to do. I once advised them that one should pursue the photography whilst the other looked for a day job to support things but they didn’t heed my advice. I guess they knew what they were up to and now they are the best in photography in the country. Celebs, models choose them for their photoshoot and other events. Formerly, they worked at the office of the presidency and currently work for the second lady of the land, Mrs Samira Bawumia. How awesome their story is? Its all down to one thing as they have repeatedly shared on social media that hardwork pays.

The future I keep saying is very bright for them and I’m glad they are thinking big and looking to go global this year with their brand Swagofafrica set to be launched in the UK. Potential for me is a very dangerous word; lots of lives showing great potential initially, have died off or declined in a drastic manner and this should sound as a word of caution to my friends to always guard against complacency. Life is such an unpredictable journey-today you are enjoying the spotlight and then tomorrow you are nowhere to be found. They should always hold onto the core values that got them this far-hardwork, passion, humility and never let fame get in their heads.

On a final note, my wish is the story of these twins will inspire you to never give up on your dreams no matter the challenges you may be facing. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, believe in yourself and keep working hard and success will definitely be your portion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS!



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