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In August 2014, I joined one of the prominent network marketing companies in the world. This isn’t a story of getting incredible money from the company which turned my finances around but a choice I made that shaped my thoughts till now. I partially failed at network marketing but on a good side I made a number of profits too with the products I sold to clients. But one thing definitely stayed with me which I’m going to share with you and which I believe is going to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Growing up as a kid, I always had the usual mindset of finishing school with strong grades and securing a high paying job. A few times I thought of business and said to myself its too much of a risk, I will work hard and make sure I’m indispensable in the company that I’ll work for. Funny it seemed right? Sometimes our thoughts are shaped by the people we are surrounded with or the society we find ourselves in. Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) said in his book that the Poor dad basically tells his child to finish school with excellent grades and secure a high pay cheque with the company he works for whilst the Rich dad tells his child to build a business, have people work for him and ultimately have money working for him.

Now, back to what I learned at the network marketing company. I discovered a new sense of belief in myself and began to have confidence in my ability. It is not that I didn’t believe in myself at first but I thought differently which affected my actions, its like overcoming a mental block as at that moment I felt I could do anything I set my eyes on. I began to take risks which paid off in my business and I always felt  motivated which underlines the importance of having smart people around you. Network marketing provides you with that sense of personal development, personal branding and the right motivation to succeed in life. This I believe, is an invaluable lesson which has shaped my thoughts and kept me going during difficult moments in my life.

I am always of the opinion the bad moments won’t last forever so I don’t allow it to pin me down. I always stay strong and believe my breakthrough is just around the corner. When I approach a challenge, I never think of failure as i see it as not being an option. I always admire this quote from Jorge Sampaoli (current Argentina men’s football team coach) which says “the will to win must always exceed the fear of losing”. Fortune favours the brave and it is sometimes these small details that draws the difference between the rich and the poor, the successful and unsuccessful and the strong and weak.

This year don’t expect life to be easy on you it is going to get much tougher so develop a strong mentality and have the belief whatever life throws at you, you are ready and prepared to go through it to engineer your success story. Don’t think like how I thought initially because no matter how hardworking you are, you are dispensable to the company you work for. To my upcoming entrepreneurs and freelancers out there, starting something or a business it’s not easy but believe in yourself because the truth is no one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. With the right dose of motivation, desire, discipline and hardwork you will get there and you’d realize it was only a few years ago.

On a final note, my hope is this story impacts greatly on your life by shaping your thoughts, guiding your steps and propelling you to be a success and an inspiration unto others. Remember to take risks, cease opportunities when they come and have absolute belief in your ability.



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