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“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity”- J. Sidlow Baxter.

The brain they say is a very powerful tool and the ability to maximize or minimize its use depends solely on the individual in question. In anatomy, every movement of our body is controlled by the brain as our brain communicates with our muscles to determine which, where and when to make a move. This proves how central the brain is to our body processes and our lives in general. For the purposes of our discussion kindly take note the mind and the brain will be used interchangeably in this article. Make no mistake, I won’t be discussing the anatomy of the brain here but the focus will be on the power of our mind to develop ourselves and make a change for our lives.

Over the years, I can personally attest to the fact that my ability or inability to perform a specific task was due to the attitude of my mind. This again proves to a large extent the difference between the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, successful people and people who have failed. The rich, the strong and the successful person’s thinking or mentality is distinct from the poor, weak and the one who failed. These class of people think differently, act differently and as a result get different outcomes.

At this point, I’d prefer we have a self-assessment. I want to ask you these few questions.

What is your mindset when you approach a challenge?

Do you know your mindset hugely affects your actions?

Though failure is a possibility, do you mostly think of it when you are to handle a situation?

Your response to these questions tells the attitude of your mind and possibly the state of your life. How have you programmed your mind? Is it positioned in a manner that you are unwilling to face challenges and if so they appear you are almost certain to fail? As a graduate, the unemployment issues in the country is definitely not going to disappear, how have you positioned your mind after school? Are you going to join the huge unemployed numbers or you have something decent to do with your life? As a business owner, what is your mental attitude towards your business? Is it one that comes with doubts when discussing the future of your business?

Sometimes we even fail before we move a muscle to do something because we have already failed mentally. What are the things you tell yourself or ponder about when you put your life into perspective? Is it a positive feeling or one that is usually associated with pessimism or negativity? Of course, you can’t be dreaming or thinking big without putting in the required actions or hardwork to make it a reality. The Bible even says faith without work is useless. But the key to making it or succeed starts with the right attitude of your mind because without that it is almost impossible to succeed.

The successful people possess a strong mentality- they have absolute belief they can achieve anything they set their sights on. This mental attitude drags them over the line even in situations where they struggle or fail initially but for the ones who fail, even before the race starts their mental attitude tells they have given up already. When setbacks appear, they crumble easily and refuse to develop a resolve to turn the situation around.


On a final note, the ability to succeed in every aspect of life stems from a positive mental attitude. You need to be strong mentally, associate yourself with positive people- people who challenge you to be the very best you can and desist from negative people as they may kill your dreams. Stay positive. You can make it. Because you are an achiever.

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