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Kamal Khanzada-“If you can’t do it today, You can not do it your whole life! Do it NOW!”

Today, we will be dissecting an interesting subject that is of particular interest or concern to the young generation of today. To get into the thick of things I’d like to first ask you a few questions.

1. What is keeping you from starting or executing that excellent business idea?

2. Are you waiting to gather plenty of resources before you begin?

3. Are you targeting the right moment or period before you start?

4. Is it fear of failure or the lack of belief in your ability?

Now let’s take off; to delve into matters let me quickly address the fourth question. If you fear to fail or you lack belief in yourself that you can succeed with that business you have in mind, I am providing you a link which will fortify your mind, inspire your inner self and motivate your body to take action immediately. Check the link below:


So as we continue the other questions will be taken care of. I have engaged people recently in a lot of conversation mainly boiling on startups. As we talk you could see people have brilliant ideas that will only serve society better but you ask why they haven’t started or what is keeping them from starting and that is where you get interesting responses. I quite remember when I was having a chat with one of my friends and the issue of setting up a business popped up, my friend had seen a space in some great location where he could design a sort of stand to sell pastry stuff and some drinks. So I told my friend this is such a wonderful idea and what steps is he taking to get this idea in place? His response was “I will start later and not now”. I didn’t hear about this idea again, the next thing I saw few months later was someone had acquired the place and started the same business my friend ‘dreamed’ of- a dream that never came to reality.

Most of us act in this manner and our failure to start now is causing our dreams to perish. We live in a competitive world where everyone is trying hard to make the most out of life BUT that doesn’t mean you cannot make it, that doesn’t mean you cannot build that dream, that certainly doesn’t mean you cannot set that great idea on paper into full motion making it a reality.

Waiting to get plenty of money before you start is one that is likely to prevent you from starting at all. Most successful businesses will tell you they operated on shoestring budget to get started. Money is a great tool that helps business to thrive but in most cases when starting a business it is the few tricks and tips you learn that puts you on the right path to succeed. They say dream big but start small which are words of wisdom to any young person contemplating on getting started. Start with the little you have and with hardwork you will realize in a few years you made the right decision. Postponing your startup is something that greatly threatens achieving your goals in life.

Opportunity knocks but once which tells you today may be the best time to start as you are never sure of what’s going to happen tomorrow. There is no such thing as the perfect time for me, the perfect time in my opinion is to start now and NOT later. You are planning to fail big time if you don’t act now and you keep procrastinating. The time is now, there is no better time to execute that business plan than to do it right now as I have learnt starting later never gets done. Get started now in order to avoid any regrets in the future.

On a final note, we hear stories of entrepreneurs starting with so little and making it big in the business environment. To succeed, your mentality has to be right, your attitude has to be phenomenal and you must be bold enough to take a risk. Don’t be there waiting for any favorable conditions before you start, the ideal time to start is NOW.

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