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We all have a thing or two in our minds about stress as we keep experiencing it in our daily lives. We generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become too much.

Our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat is STRESS. It can be positive or negative depending on the level of our response to the demanding circumstances we face. Some stresses are good for us as they get us going. Others too undermine both our mental and physical health which is bad.

Apparently, most of us focus on the bad side of stress. Negative stress is actually about stress that is beyond our control. This bad impact of severe stress is often manifested in physical and mental symptoms such as depression and anxiety, pain of any kind, sleeping issues, heart problems and many more.

However, when we are able to respond very well to stress, we actually operate at a higher level-if not the highest which include improved creativity, focus, energy, efficiency at work and, eventually, a higher level of self-esteem that could make us capable of handling higher levels of stress in the future. In fact in emergency situations stress can save your life-giving you extra strength to defend yourself, for example, spurring you to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident or jumping that tall wall when chased down by a wild animal. In the nutshell it activates fully your “fight-or-flight” reaction in those circumstances.

Stress isn’t something that will ever leave our lives like the hectic work schedule, the family and relationship problems, financial problems and even those wonderful life moments like getting married. These have all become a normal trend in our lives. All we can do is to learn or develop stress management techniques in order to maintain the balance in our lives and I will touch on the key ones.

Get moving. Do not slump to your stress. Try and up your activity level. Regular exercise can lift your mood and serve as distraction from worries, allowing you to break free of the cycle of negative thoughts that feed stress. Rhythmic exercise such as swimming, walking, running can help you.

Connect to others. A problem shared is a problem half solved. The simple act of talking face to face with someone can trigger hormones that relieve stress during those uncomfortable moments or moments of uncertainty.

Learn how to relax. Develop the ability to stay calm during stressful moments through relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing to ease some pressure and also calm your nerves. Remember that alcohol and drugs will not help to manage stress better so be wary of your consumption.

Eat a healthy diet. Take note that the kind of food you eat can worsen your mood and affect your ability to cope with stress. Make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet and try not to skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast sets the tone for the day.

Get enough rest. I understand how businesses or work take the majority of our time these days but let’s not forget feeling tired can make you not think straight or make poor decisions. Take the rest you need to stay healthy and stress free to perform at an optimum level.

Stress can seem overwhelming. Stress can be isolating. Stress sometimes is very hard to overcome and defeat but you are not alone; you shouldn’t be ashamed; you can overcome it.

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